• δ34S values of inorganic solid materials or organic solid materials with low S content (~5 μg sulfur) are determined by SO2 EA-combustion-IRMS method. The measurement is performed by using a GV IsoPrime isotope ratio mass spectrometer in line with the Eurovector Elemental Analyser (EuroEA3028-HT). The external analytical precision is better than ± 0.2‰.
  • Sample preparation: Samples should be weighed out into 3.5×5 mm tin capsules (part #41074) from Costech Analytical Technologies, Inc. ( Do not handle the boats with your bare hands (always use forceps) and make sure that the samples are free of any other material containing sulfur. Tin capsules should be folded and compressed into compact cylindrical or spherical shapes with a maximum dimension of 6 mm.
  • Sample size: Bulk powder samples or pure sulfate/sulfide samples containing between 5 and 35 μg sulfur.
  • Sample organization: Samples can be organized and shipped in 96-well culture plates (e.g., Costech “cell wells”, part # 080016). Use our file “Sample name form for 34S solids to fill in the names and weights of each sample. Each plate should have a unique name and the sample code should include the plate name and the tray location or cell address (Rows A-H and columns 1-12 are marked on the plates).

Please contact us before preparing your samples so that we can discuss your application, sample sizes and sample preparation for the best current results.

GF/F filter material cannot be run on our instruments, please avoid/remove all particles of filter prior to sample encapsulation.