You can share your comments, opinions, concerns or questions and get better acquainted with others who have similar interests in the area of labor management. Or, you can simply "listen in" to conversations and meeting announcements. 

There are several ways to subscribe to AG-HRnet. The easiest is usually through the form in this page. In case this does not work, you will find instructions for subscribing through E-mail. You will also find how to send messages to the group, and how to cancel your subscription. This network is managed as a public service of the University of California.

I. Subscribing to AG-HRnet through this form:

Fill out the following form and click on subscribe.
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II. Subscribing to AG-HRnet through E-mail:

All messages to "sympa," such as this one, are sent with the "subject" or "re[garding]" line containing the command, such as 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe'. Leave the main message blank.

For example, if your name is María Encina, and your E-mail is Marí
you would subscribe as follows:

 Subject: subscribe ag-hrnet
 From: Marí

You may subscribe through your regular E-mail or, if your computer will permit it, may do it here: click here to send subscription request.

III. Sending a message to the AG-HRnet forum (once you have subscribed)

Next time you check your E-mail, you will receive a subscription acknowledgment. You will then be able to send your messages directly to the forum or correspond with individual members. Direct your messages to the network to: "" (without the quotes). When sending messages to the group it is important to include a short summary statement in the "subject" or "re[garding]" line.

For example:

 Re: Incentive pay
 From: Marí

 In establishing an incentive pay program for ... etc.

IV. Canceling your subscription:

 Subject: unsubscribe ag-hrnet
 From: Marí


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