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x-ray rafter tail

Sara Moore preparing an experimental unit for a bed bug mattress protector trial.

Current Projects

UPMC has a diverse assortment of research projects. We are primarily known for our research on termites and bed bugs, but our research portfolio is quite broad. Projects have also included household ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and wood boring beetles.

Current and Recently Completed Research Projects:

Upcoming Projects


UPMC has worked with dozens of University, State and federal agencies, internationally with several countries, and the United Nations. These collaborations are extensive and diverse, but primarily can be characterized as UPMC assisting in the identification and management of structural and household pests. The list that follows identifies public and private collaborators.

Funding Providers

Sara installing sentricon

Sara Moore installing Sentricon® stations at a field site.

Vernard testing microwave

Vernard Lewis testing the microwave detection device at a field site.

Research Collaborators*

* Research collaborators play a large role in fostering the growth and development of the UPMC. Research at Dr. Vernard Lewis's Lab would not be possible without industry, State, and academic collaborators, who have donated invaluable time and resources on various projects.

Future Projects

Most of the funding for the UPMC is through contracts, gifts, and donations. We are continually exploring new areas of research and are aggressively engaged in proposal development and submission to private sector and government funding institutions. We also welcome public donations in support of our research and outreach activities. Those interested in doing so can click on the “Donate” icon at the bottom of the page for additional details.


Subterranean Termites doing what they do best!

termite lab colony

Drywood Termite lab colony

Bed Bugs

Adult Bed Bugs

ant trail

Argentine ant foraging trail


X-ray image of a windowsill and the surrounding wood damaged by drywood termites

bedbug nymphs

Collecting bedbug nymphs at a field site.