Erin Westeen

Erin Westeen

Erin WesteenPosition: Grad Student


Office: 217 Hilgard Hall

Research Interests: phenotypic evolution, speciation dynamics, comparative biology, evolutionary ecology, population genetics, behavioral ecology, herpetology  


Honors & Awards:

2020   NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
2019   Liu Fellowship in Environmental Studies, UC Berkeley
2018   Berkeley Fellowship, UC Berkeley

Recent Publications:

Davis Rabosky AR, Moore TY, Sanchez-Paredes CM, Westeen EP, Larson JG, Sealey BA, Balinski BA. 2021. Convergence and divergence in snake anti-predator displays: A novel approach to quantitative behavioral comparison. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 132(4): 811-828.

Shi JJ, Westeen EP, and Rabosky DL. A test for rate-coupling of trophic and cranial evolutionary dynamics in New World bats. 2021. Evolution.

Westeen EP, Durso AM, Grundler MC, Rabosky DL, and Davis Rabosky AR. What makes a fang? Phylogenetic and ecological controls on tooth evolution in rear-fanged snakes. 2020. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 20:80.

von May R, Biggi E, Cárdenas H, Diaz MI, Alarcón C, Herrera V, Santa-Cruz R, Tomasinelli F, Westeen EP, Sánchez-Paredes CM, Larson JG, Title PO, Grundler MR, Grundler MC, Davis Rabosky AR, and Rabosky DL. 2019. Ecological interactions between arthropods and small vertebrates in a lowland Amazon rainforest. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, 13(1): 65–77. 

Shi JJ, Westeen EP, and Rabosky DL. 2018. Digitizing extant bat diversity: An open-access repository of 3D μCT-scanned skulls for research and education. PLoS ONE, 13(9): e0203022.

Shi JJ, Westeen EP, Katlein NT, Dumont ER, and Rabosky DL. 2018. Ecomorphological and phylogenetic controls on sympatry across extant bats. Journal of Biogeography, 45(7): 1560-1570.