Erin Westeen

Erin Westeen

Erin WesteenPosition: Grad Student


Office: 217 Hilgard Hall

Research Interests: landscape genomics, phenotypic evolution, herpetology, conservation genetics



Honors & Awards:

2020   NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
2019   Liu Fellowship in Environmental Studies, UC Berkeley
2018   Berkeley Fellowship, UC Berkeley

Recent Publications:

Shi, JJ, Westeen EP, and Rabosky DL. Accepted. Digitizing extant bat diversity: an open-access repository of 3D μCT-scanned skulls for research and education. PLOS One.

Shi JJ, Westeen EP, Katlein NT, Dumont ER, and Rabosky DL. 2018. Ecomorphological and phylogenetic controls on sympatry across extant bats. Journal of Biogeography, 45(7):1560-1570.

Cotten, TB, Love-Chezem T, Westeen EP, Shaw CJ, and Fadlovich R. 2017. Thamnophis rufipunctatus Habitat. Herpetological Review, 48(3):686-687.