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environmental issues: espm10

A multi-disciplinary examination of current environmental issues ranging from environmental justice to global warming.  The first third of the course focuses on approaches to understanding environmental problems including the scientific method, statistics, justice issues, sociological effects on problem identification and proposed solutions, environmental ethics, risk analysis and environmental economics.   Issues are selected which draw upon multiple elements discussed in the first third of the class so as to emphasize the different perspectives surrounding each issue.  These issues or approaches are supplemented with additional readings and exercises during discussion.

insect ecology: espm113


This course covers general ecological principles, but focuses on ecological areas of unique importance to insects or in which insects are uniquely important.  Examples of areas of unique importance include their interactions with the physical environment; issues of process and size scale; or the behavioral ecology of predator-prey interactions.  Examples of areas in which insects are of unique importance include plant-insect interactions, social insects, pollination biology and applied insect ecology.  The course is a lecture format with 2-3 midterms and a final.





1994-1995.  Visiting Professorship, IRTA, Barcelona, Spain

1994 - IPM Innovators Awards.  California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

1998 - Agricultural Research Service Technology Transfer Award. United States Department of Agriculture.

1999 - Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer. United States Department of Agriculture.

2002 - Distinguished Teaching Award 2002, University of California, Berkeley,  - 


2005 - Entomological Foundation IPM Team Award.


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