daniel casado gonzalez





Daniel Casado Gonzalez



University of California, Berkeley

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

5057 Valley Life Sciences Building

Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 642-3989





My academic background is in agronomy, and I have been working on chemical ecology and behavior of orchard pests since I started my PhD in 2002. My interest is focused on the research and implementation of semiochemicals that may play an important role in low-input pesticide control strategies. I have worked on both insect-insect and plant-insect communication, but currently I am working on the mechanisms involved in low density-high release mating disruption techniques of two walnut pests, the codling moth (Cydia pomonella) and the navel orangeworm (Amyelois transitella).

Although my experience in other fields is limited, I like participating in seminars and discussions related to other pest control techniques alternative to pesticide use, such as biological control or GMO crops.




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Albajes, R., Eizaguirre, M., Casado, D., Pérez, M., López, C., Lumbierres, B.; Pons, X. 2007. Impact of glyphosate use on arthropods in transgenic herbicide-tolerant maize; preliminary results in Spain. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin (in press).


Tasin, M., Bäckman, A.C., Coracini, M., Casado, D., Ioratti, C. and Witzgall, P. 2007. Synergism and redundancy in a plant volatile blend attracting grapevine moth females. Phytochemistry 68: 203-209.


Casado, D., Gemeno, C., Avilla, J. and Riba, M. 2006. Day-night and Phenological Variation of Apple Tree Volatiles and Electroantennogram Responses in (Cydia pomonella) (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Environmental Entomology 35(2): 258-267.


Yang, Z., Casado, D., Ioratti, C., Bengtsson, M. and Witzgall, P. 2005. Pheromone Pre-exposure and Mating Modulate Codling Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Response to Host Plant Volatiles. Agricultural and Forest Entomology. 7(3): 231-236.


Avilla, J., Casado, D., Varela, N., Bosch, D. and Riba, M. 2002. Electrophysiological Response of Codling Moth ((Cydia pomonella)) Adults to Semiochemicals. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin, 26(11): 1-7.























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