Acrogonia terminalis

Acrogonia terminalisThis species is one of the two most common sharpshooters found inhabiting citrus in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. All stages may be found on citrus. Adults are exceptionally long (over 8 mm) and narrow, with yellow markings on the dark brown upper surface of the head and thorax. Viewed from above, the head extends far beyond the compound eyes. Both nymphs and adults prefer to feed on leaf veins. Unlike most leafhoppers, Acrogonia terminalis lays eggs externally on leaves. Vespid wasp predators of nymphs and adults and minute wasp parasites (Mymaridae and Trichogramatidae) of the eggs are common natural enemies. Populations begin to increase beginning in late January and peak between March and July. Adults usually live for at least several months. By the end of September, the insect is difficult to find.

(by AHP from data in Roberto, 1996)