Left Coast Life with Carolyn Merchant and Charlie Sellers

Cape York, Queensland, Australia

7 July - 3 August 2005

    Starting from Cairns with our Aussie friends Patsy Hallen and Peter Summers, we explored and camped and birded our way north for a thousand kilometers to tropical Cape York.  By zig-zags and side trips we managed to include Mossman Gorge, motorboating down the Daintree River, the rainforest beauty of Cape Tribulation and the Bloomfield Track, the Lakefield and Iron Range National Parks, and the exceptional Quinkan rock art south of Laura.

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    •     Cairns, Queensland, 7-9 July
    •     Captain Cook Highway, 10 July
    •     Mossman Gorge, 10 July
    •     Daintree Village, 11 July
    •     Cape Tribulation, 12-13 July
    •     Bloomfield Track and Campground, 14-16 July
    •     Lions Den, 17 July
    •     Cooktown and Beyond, 18 July
    •     Lakefield National Park, 19-21 July
    •     Developmental Road North, 22-23 July
    •     Iron Range National Park, 24-25 July
    •     Iron Range to Eliot Falls, 26-27 July
    •     To the Top, 28 July
    •     Punsand Bay, 28-29 July
    •     Punsand to Mary's Creek, 30-31 July
    •     Mary's Creek to Cairns, 1-2 August
Cairns to Cape York (black) and return (red)

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