Charles G. Sellers

American Historian

Charles G. Sellers

Professor Emeritus

Department of History

3229 Dwinelle Hall

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720-2250

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B.A. Harvard University, Class of 1945 (Graduation Delayed by Military Service until 1947). Charles Sellers' Harvard Senior Paper  

Ph.D., 1950. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

Military Service: 

1943-1945. Sergeant and Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, World War II, Tenth Mountain Division. 


1950-1951. Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Maryland. 

1951-1958. Assistant Professor, Department of History, Princeton University. 

1958-1990. Associate Professor and Professor, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley. 

1964. Visiting Professor, El Colegio de Mexico. 

1970. Harmsworth Visiting Professor, Oxford University. 


1960-61. Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford. 

1963. Guggenheim Fellow. 

1967. Bancroft Prize for James K. Polk: Continentalist, 1843-1846. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1966). 


Charles G. Sellers, James K. Polk, Jacksonian, 1795-1843 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1957), Vol. I. 

Charles G. Sellers, James K. Polk, Continentalist, 1843-1846 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1966), Vol. II. 

Charles G. Sellers, "The Travail of Slavery," in Charles G. Sellers, ed., The Southerner as American (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1960), 40-71. 

Charles G. Sellers, "Andrew Jackson, Nullification, and the State-Rights Tradition," in Charles Sellers, ed., The Berkeley Series in American History (Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1961). 

Charles G. Sellers, "The Market versus the Agrarian Republic," in Charles Sellers and Henry May, A Synopsis of American History, 1st ed. (Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1963), 109-122. 

Charles G. Sellers, "Boom for President," in Charles Sellers, ed., Andrew Jackson: A Profile (New York: Hill and Wang, 1971), 57-80. 

Charles G. Sellers, ed., As It Happened: A History of the United States (New York: McGraw Hill Book Company, 1975). 

Charles G. Sellers, The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1991). Abstract.pdf


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