San Carlos, Jan. 7 - 9


        Our first stop was the most luxurious we would encounter in Mexico.  The El Mirador RV Park is the crown jewel of San Carlos, a charming resort town on the Sea of Cortez just north of Guaymas.
El Mirador RV Park (BW)
Close-up (BW)
Pools and tennis courts
Barrel Cactus
Assorted cacti

        By evoking our most pleasant memories of Mexican travel, El Mirador's ambience eased us back into the discipline of living within Harry's snug confines.
Snug quarters aft
Snug quarters forward

          Water birds were of special interest around San Carlos.  Here we began our almost daily practice of early morning birding followed by late afternoon gatherings for birding reports, sociability, nibbles, and often margaritas.
First social hour
John Powles, Coen Dexter, Bob & Ann Jenkins
Brown Pelican
Tricolored Heron


Photographs copyrighted 2004, those initialed (BW) by Brenda Wright, all others by Carolyn Merchant.