Alamos, Jan. 10 - 14


        Heading south, we veered off the main road for our next stop at the lovely old town of Alamos in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental.  The collapse of silver mining has left its bougainvillea-draped colonial architecture intact, and even the alleys are bright with flowers.
Dolisa RV Park
Our rigs (BW)
Alley flowers

       We birded first on the surrounding hills.
Bird Watchers
People Watcher
Rest Stop

       The Sunday market was a colorful display of the richness and variety of Mexican life..

        Another birding expedition took us up a rocky arroyo to mining ruins in the interesting village of Aduana.
Birding the Aduana Road
Charlie, Walt Borden, Shirley Sutton
Crafts shop
Crafts shoppers
Linda Dunnam, Shirley & Lee Sutton, Ellene Gravelle
Ancient church

        Facing the church across the plaza was a gracious colonial residence in which a refugee chef from San Francisco has long conducted a locally celebrated restaurant.  Here we enjoyed our final dinner in the Alamos area.
Casa La Aduana
Host Samuel Beardsley
(from left) Duane & June Whitten, Lee & Pat Yoder, Wendy Forster
Other diners
(clockwise) Coen Dexter, John & Joanne Powles, Gwen Woodhouse, May Gong, Chris Tenney, Noel Gravelle, Jim (Woody) 
Woodhouse, Brenda Wright


Photographs copyrighted 2004, that initialed (BW) by Brenda Wright, all others by Carolyn Merchant