Las Glorias Beach (near Guasave), Mar. 5 - 7


        On our way north from Tepic, a second stop at Mazatlan enabled us to revisit the Barranca Rancho Libre in the Sierra Madre, where we had been rained out before.  Both visits are reported on the earlier Mazatlan page..

        Continuing north, we had our last chance for serious Mexican birding during a three-day stop at Las Glorias Beach west of Guasave.

Las Glorias Beach
Mr. Moro Hotel and RV Resort
On the beach
Sea shells
Shell collector Brenda Wright
with Duane Whitten and Coen Dexter
Brenda's collection
Mr. Moro's restaurant
Great-tailed Grackle
Later diners
(from left) Brenda Wright, Coen Dexter, Ruth & Jim Stout, Bob and Ann Jenkins, Charlie
Charlie and Carolyn

        Hoping for a few missed Mexican species, we conscientiously surveyed the beaches and adjoining thorn forest.  By now, however, we were so far north that we saw mainly birds that were familiar in the United States.
Thorn forest birding
Shirley Sutton, Ann Jenkins, Lee Sutton
Curve-billed Thrasher
Cactus Wren

        Realizing at Las Glorias that Mexico's special delights would soon be behind us, we relished more intensely its warm sun, endless beaches, and fabulous sunsets.
Sunset over the Sea of Cortez

Photographs copyrighted 2004 by Carolyn Merchant