Tyus Williams

Tyus Williams

Ph.D. Student
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Email: tyusdwilliams@berkeley.edu






B.A. University of Georgia (Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Wildlife Emphasis)


Research Interests

My primary research interests revolve around carnivore ecology, species interactions, predator and prey dynamics, movement ecology, spatial analysis, human-wildlife conflict, and trophic systems. On a broad scale I’m particularly interested in understanding how large predators navigate through a rapidly changing world and how they compete with each other under those stressful circumstances. I plan on investigating this by taking a multi-scale approach to studying large predators in proximity or within human-dominated landscapes internationally or domestically and including local communities in the process of science.

Prior to joining the Brashares Lab, I worked as a community field ecologist for the University of Nevada-Reno for several months performing research on small mammals and herpetofauna in the Great Basin area. I also completed my B.S.F.R. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science at the University of Georgia where I performed my undergraduate thesis on jaguars in Belize, Central America.