Group News

Congratulations to Brashares lab member Dave Kurz on his graduate symposium spotlight! Check out the summary of Dave’s recent work
A recent paper led by Ph.D candidate and Brashares Lab member Christine Wilkinson explores how reducing encounters between domestic prey
Check out this recent article by Kendall Calhoun, PhD Candidate in the Brashares Group, published in Bay Nature last week!
Wildlife conservation work on the ground often leads us to the realization that conservation challenges - and solutions - are
In this recent talk, Phoebe Parker-Shames, PhD Candidate in the Brashares Lab, presents preliminary results on the influence of cannabis farms
Hydropower is a renewable resource, but that does not make it sustainable. In this TEDx talk, PhD Student and Brashares
PhD Candidate, Christine Wilkinson, shares her experiences with her participatory research on human-carnivore conflict risk perception in Kenya.
Catching change on camera: A recent update with PhD Candidate, Phoebe Parker-Shames, about her work on wildlife movement in Oregon.
What does fire mean for wildlife? PhD Student Kendall Calhoun shares his experiences visiting field sites affected by wildfire.
A new study by Brashares Group members, published this week in Science, shows an increase in nocturnality among mammals.
PhD Candidate Lauren Withey provides insight into how deforestation reduction efforts may fall victim to issues plaguing the peace process.
How can we use storytelling for more effective conservation? Brashares group members host a symposium at ICCB in Colombia.