Rhizophere Ecology

Rhizosphere Ecology

The rhizosphere is the hotspot of biological activity in and around plant roots. Addressing some of the biggest challenges in agricultural systems, such as enhancing nutrient and water cycling to improve resource use, depend on better understanding and management of rhizosphere processes.

Urban Agroecology

Urban Agroecology

Soil Health

Soil Health and Ecosystem Services

Both restoring and maintaining soil health are essential to making agriculture viable in the long-term. Soil health describes the dynamic properties of soil that can be changed by management, especially soil organic matter, soil biota, and chemical characteristics like pH.

Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change Challenges

Water availability in California and across much of the world will become increasingly scarce and variable as climate change affects precipitation patterns and urban residents use more available water. We study the implications of these changes for crop productivity and environmental pollution, particularly how agroecological approaches can help address challenges.