Former Lab Members

Former Lab Members

Former Post-doctoral Associates

Dr. Kristen Waring, Associate Professor, School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University

Former Ph.D. Students

Dr. Carmen Tubbesing, Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board

Dr. Carrie Levine, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Davis

Dr. Anne Eschtruth, University of San Francisco, Department of Biology

Dr. Maya Hayden,  California Sea Grant State Fellow, NOAA San Francisco Bay Sentinel Site Cooperative

Dr. Natalie van Doorn, Research Urban Ecologist, USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station

Dr. Adrian Das, Ecologist, USGS Western Ecological Research Center

Dr. Rob York, Research Stations Manager, UC Berkeley Center for Forestry
Adjunct Associate Professor of Forestry, UC Berkeley

Dr. John Stella, Associate Professor, Forest & Natural Resources, SUNY Syracuse

Dr. Qinghua Guo, Professor, School of Engineering, UC Merced

Dr. Anna Levin, Professor at Diablo Valley College, CA

Dr. Kurt Menning

Former M.S. Students

Flora Krivak-Tetley, M.S. Spring 2010
Dr. Sasha Gennet, M.S. Spring 2004
Dr. Zachary Kayler, M.S. Summer 2004
William Hopkins, M.S. 2000
Jolie Ansley, M.S. 1998

Former Research Specialists

Debra Larson
Rebecca Wenk
Elliot Kuskulis