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Recent News

  • Congrats to Sarah MacLean¬†for completing her Ph.D. entitled "A century of change in avifauna of California's most transformed landscapes"
  • Laurie Hall, Nathan van Schmidt and Steve validate dispersal distance estimated by occupancy models for Black Rails in the¬† Journal of Animal Ecology.
  • Nov. 2017 paper in PNAS uses Grinnell Resurvey data to show that California birds breed 9 days earlier than a century ago to keep up with climate warming.
  • Climate change refugia and habitat connectivity promote species persistence in Sierra meadows by Morelli et al. appears in Climate Change Responses
  • Kelly Iknayan and Sarah MacLean present at the inaugural AOS conference in Aug. 2017

We study conservation, behavior and population biology toward the goals of understanding the influence of climate change, managing endangered or commercially-valuable wildlife, or of understanding the factors shaping life histories to satisfy our curiosity about how nature works. Our research combines intensive field studies based on quantitative sampling with field or lab experimentation, and modeling. Recent work has been done in California, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

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