Soorim Song

My current research interests are about the organismal response of birds to direct impacts of climate change; that is, the physiological stress that the birds will face due to climate change and their response to it. While the impact of alterations in temperature have been addressed quite extensively in amphibians and reptiles, research upon endotherms have mostly been upon indirect effects such as habitat structure and food availability. I attempt to fill the gap in our knowledge of climate change impacts by looking into the less-explored realm of heat and water stress in birds as the ambient temperature rises.

I received the B.S. degree from Seoul National University in February 2013. My undergraduate thesis was on the interaction between an invasive, toxic insect species in South Korea and an insectivorous bird, the Great Tit. I have also participated in other behavioural research including that upon the competition for nests between the great tit and the bumblebees, and that of foraging behaviour of corvids. I am very much interested in integrating organismal understanding of birds into the larger framework of ecology.