"I would like to thank you for putting together an amazing workshop.
As a young faculty member I found it to be the most exciting, enlightening and, most importantly, inspiring professional workshop I have attended. [You] have developed a model for what I believe is lacking in the academy - a forum for promoting excellence in applied action research and building networks of committed researchers and communities throughout the U.S. The range of community members and forestry related issues presented highlight the necessity of this model to address these complex problems by forging sustainable and equitable approaches to ecosystem health."

- Erik Nielsen, Alaska Pacific University, 2005 Participant

The annual workshop is a key component of the CFERP program. The goals of the workshop are to help develop a broader understanding of the theoretical and substantive issues in community forestry among workshop participants, to provide training in participatory research, and to provide networking opportunities.

The workshop has been a wonderful opportunity for our fellows and other participants to talk about their ongoing or new field work studies, share ideas, build their networks among other communities and universities, and receive feedback on methods, approaches and experiences in community forestry throughout the U.S.

The workshop includes a presentation by the fellows and their community partners, a half-day “mini-workshop” on participatory research, and a half-day field trip.

Each year the workshop brings together current CFERP fellows, their community partners and academic advisors, dissertation fellows from the previous year, CFERP program steering committee members, and several invited guests.


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Photo credits:
Monarch Butterfly: Jennifer E. Dacey, University of Rhode Island, www.insectimages.org
Giant Sequoia: Paul Bolstad, University of Minnesota, www.forestryimages.org
Racoon: Terry Spivey, USDA Forest Service, www.forestryimages.org