Carmella Kahn-Thornbrugh

University of Arizona mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
Urban American Indian Youth Garden Project

Bree Murphy

University of California - Davis, School of Education
Integration of Traditional and Science Knowledge in Coastal Alaska


Becky Blanchard

University of Florida, Department of Anthropology
Fishing-dependent Communities as Political Actors in Linked Watershed-Coastal Systems: The "Tri-state Water Wars" and Fishing Livelihoods in Florida's Apalachicola Bay

Noelani Puniwai

University of Hawaii, Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Incorporating the views of multiple stakeholders for coastal and marine management in Hawaii: using GIS as a tool.

Yvette Williams

University of Maryland Baltimore County, Department of Geography & Environmental Systems
Investigating Socio-Ecological Relationships of Greenspace Management


Stephani Boyd

State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Biology
Urban Foragers and Appalachian Landscapes: The Human Ecology of Aquatic Species Collection in the Cumberland Watershed, Middle Tennessee

Alexey Kudryavstev

Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources
Urban Place-Based Education: Restoring Landscapes and Mindscapes in the Bronx

Keith Lindner

Syracuse University, Department of Geography
Returning the Commons: Resource Access and Environmental Governance in Southern Colorado

Nathan McClintock

University of California - Berkeley, Department of Geography
Collards, Contamination, and Capital: An Applied Political (Agro) Ecology of Vacant Land, Heavy Metals, and Urban Farming in Oakland, CA

Mehana Vaughan

Stanford University, Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources
Interdisciplicary Program in Environment and Resources, Stanford University


Community Forestry & Environmental Research Partnerships
UC Berkeley,101 Gianinni Hall, #3100, Berkeley, CA 94720
tel: 510.642.3431

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