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Research - SPUR


Research opportunities for fall, spring, or summer projects initiated by a CNR faculty member will be available for viewing under the Find and Apply to a Faculty Project tab on the SPUR website at the beginning of each term. Available projects can be accessed on the SPUR website by clicking on the "Find a Faculty Project" under the Overview tab. Students may apply to up to 3 faculty-initiated projects per semester, but may work on only 1 project.

Applying for a Faculty-Initiated Proposal:

The online application must include:
the electronic application form
personal statement describing your interests in, and qualifications for, completing the project
unofficial transcript demonstrating relevant coursework and the minimum GPA requirement for enrollment in an appropriate independent study or research course.
Your application details will appear in the My Projects tab of the SPUR website as soon as it has been uploaded. If needed, you may edit your application after it has been submitted.

Selection Process:

During the third and fourth week of instruction, the faculty member will contact any qualified applicants for an interview, or they will simply accept or decline their application.

If you are selected to work on a project, you and your faculty mentor must complete and sign the Application for Independent Study Research and submit to your academic advisor in 260 Mulford. A course control number will be provided for you at this time. Enrolling in units is mandatory for participation in SPUR.


Please visit the SPUR website
Or contact Carina Galicia,

CNR students are also encouraged to check out additional research opportunities through URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program). The application deadlines are the same, but the process is slightly different, so please make sure to check out their guidelines.

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