Prospective graduate students

Please see the ESPM webpage for details on the graduate program and contact professor Dodd to discuss your research interests.


We encourage interested undergraduates to inquire about working in the lab.  We’ve had students from a variety of backgrounds, from forestry and conservation resource studies, to molecular biology volunteer in the lab.  While previous experience or knowledge about working in a molecular biology lab is helpful, it is not necessarily a prerequisite.  Undergraduates with questions about the work we do or about whether there are any opportunities currently available should contact professor Dodd.

In addition, please check out the SPUR website to see if there are any projects that are currently seeking undergraduate interns.  The Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research program through the College of Natural Resources provides small grants for undergraduates who either want to help with an ongoing research project or propose their own research project that can be carried out in the lab under the guidance of the principal investigator.  It’s also a great place to get a sense of the different types of research projects that are going on in the college.

If you’re interested in getting involved in professor Dodd’s lab and don’t see a project on the SPUR website,  feel free to contact him to discuss your interests.