Elias Lab



Christine Rivera

Lab Position: Graduate Student
Rivera is broadly interested in behavioral ecology, sexual selection, and mating behavior. Her primary research focuses on acoustic, visual, and multi-modal communication. She received her B.A. from Hampshire College, where she studied animal behavior, with a focus on bioacoustics and physiology. Rivera graduated in 2016.


Jennifer Taylor

Lab Position: Postdoctoral Fellow 2010
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Scripps Marine Institute
Research interests: Impact mechanics of mantis shrimp telsons and crab acoustics.


J. Patrick Kelley

Lab Position: Research Specialist 2012
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, University British Columbia
His research interests include Neotropical rainforest birds, predator-induced physiological and behavioral plasticity and predator-driven natural selection. He also studies bioacoustics of Neotropical birds, focusing on information transfer and geographic variation. 


Karena Tang

Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Karena Tang is currently in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Western University of Health Sciences.



Helen Ngo Chanh

Position: Undergraduate Student 2010-2011
Ngo Chanh is currently pursuing her pharmacy degree!



Sherry Chak

Position: Undergraduate Student 2010-2011
Chak is currently enrolled in dentist school!



Masami Amakawa

Position: Undergraduate Student

Amakawa is currently enrolled in a Masters Program in Business and Science.




Ronald (Chung-Huey) Wu

Position: Undergraduate Student
Wu is an exchange student from Taiwan during the 2011-2012 academic year. Ronald is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Melbourne


Cody Raiza

Cody Raiza is currently conducting a comparative project examining the neurobiology of jumping spiders in the genus Habronattus in a comparative context. She is generally interested in neuroethology.



Mark Phuong

Position: Undergraduate Student
Phoung is currenly pursuing his PhD at UCLA.



Genoa Starrs

Position: Undergraduate Student
Starrs is currently a Conservation Specialist at Hawaii Association of Conservation Districts.



Anna Khazenzon

Position: Undergraduate Student
Khazenzon is currently a PhD student at Stanford University.