Current Graduate Students

Name Research Interests Lab affiliation Webpage
Jeremey Andersen Population Genetics, Biological Control, Hybridization, Plant Insect Interactions Mills Webpage
Joan Ball Freshwater ecology, biological indicators, land use and climate change, dragonfly distribution Resh Webpage
Brad Balukjian Systematics/Natural HIstory/Entomology/Evolutionary Biology Gillespie Webpage
Stephen Bayes Welter/Tsutsui Webpage
Gordon Bennett Hawaiian leaf hopper systematics O’Grady Webpage
Linda Buergi Biological Control of Insects Mills Webpage
Natalia Choushou-Polydouri Gillespie Webpage
Jessica Craft Phylogenetics, Population genetics, Drosophila O’Grady Webpage
Meghan Shane Culpepper My research interests broadly encompass the systematics, behavior and biogeography of carabid beetles. I am particularly interested in the snail-eating beetles belonging to the genus Scaphinotus. Will Webpage
Sara Emery Indirect Interactions, Parasitoid Food Webs and Dispersal in Disturbed Landscapes, Host Selection Mills Webpage
Virginia Emery Evolution of social behaviours and colony function Tsutsui Webpage
Lisa Fernandez Mills Webpage
Kauaoa Fraiola Webpage
Maddie Girard Spiders Elias Webpage
Traci Grzymala Systematics; Coleoptera; Behavior; Microscopy Will Webpage
Cause Hanna Kremen Webpage
David Hembry Codiversification of a plant-insect mutualism in the Pacific Gillespie Webpage
Julie Hopper My research interests include Parasitology, Marine Biology, Ecology and Biological Control. Mills Webpage
Jennifer Imamura Roderick Webpage
Athena Lam Historical population genetics and invasions Roderick Webpage
Misha Leong Roderick Webpage
Kevi Mace-Hill Mills Webpage
Tara Madsen-Steigmeyer Plant-insect and multi-trophic interactions, smoke ecology, sunflower moth population genetics Welter/Tsutsui Webpage
Kate Mathis Behavior and chemical ecology of social insects; cue use in multitrophic interactions; phorid flies; ant associated beetles Tsutsui Webpage
Pete Oboyski Lepidoptera (moths); Island Biogeography; Systematics ESSIG Webpage
Michael Peterson Resh Webpage
Lauren Ponisio Kremen Webpage
Christine Rivera Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, Sexual Selection, Jumping Spiders Elias Webpage
Hillary SardiƱas Restoration Ecology, Pollination Ecology, Native Bee Conservation, Agrobiodiversity Kremen Webpage
Katherine Scranton I am currently studying life history variation in arthropod communities with a combination of field work, population models, and statistical model-fitting methods. de Valpine Webpage
Candice Torres Slave making ants Tsutsui Webpage
Matthew Van Dam I am interested in the biogeography of dune endemic insects in desert regions of North America. I hope to use comparative phylogeographic methods to understand the relationships of these areas. Will Webpage
Houston Wilson Altieri Webpage
Yu Zeng My current focuses cover the biomechanics, ecology and evolution of flight and other controlled aerial behaviors (e.g. directed aerial descent and aerial righting) in stick insects, conducted through a combination of lab work in UC Berkeley and fieldwork in tropical SE Asia. Dudley Webpage