General Information


Graduate division policy limits graduate students to four years of service in any one teaching title, or any combination of teaching titles (GSI, Acting Instructor-Graduate Student, TA, Associate, or Teaching Fellow titles). Exceptions for teaching in the ninth or tenth semester may be approved by the Head Graduate Adviser when all other students have been placed. Exceptions for students teaching beyond an eleventh semester of teaching must conform to APM 410-17 Term of Appointments.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Faculty can no longer directly offer you a GSI position, this is done by committee. You must apply (see above) in order to be awarded a position.
  • Based on some simulations with last year's data, we can give over 90% of the faculty and students their top choice for GSI positions
  • The rubric does favor students with less than 4 semesters of GSI support and it does favor PhD students over MS students. If you fall into one of these "less favored" categories, you should not worry. Based on past data, the department has more GSI positions than student's applying to them. We feel strongly that everyone can be accommodated.
  • Be sure to apply to more than one GSI position. This will make the committee's job easier and reduce the chance of you needing to appeal our decision because of random guesswork.

Visit the Graduate Division Website for detailed information on GSI Appointments, including Qualifications and Restrictions