Your teenage bestie set you up for life

How to write a discourse essay

Let’s start with the definitions of what “reasoning” is:

inference, a number of thoughts, set out in a logically consistent form (“Dictionary of the Russian language” Ozhegova SI);
one of the three elements of an essay, defined as the unfolding of thought according to a certain scheme; evidentiary development of some abstract position to the degree of its obvious clarity (“Literary Encyclopedia”);
functional-semantic type of speech, performing a special communicative task – to give speech a reasoned character (to come to a logical way to a new judgment or argue previously expressed) and formalized with the help of lexical and grammatical means of cause-and-effect semantics (“Stylistic Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Russian Language”).
So, reasoning is thoughts presented in accordance with logic, supported by evidence, connected by a chain of arguments and growing into convincing conclusions.

Adolescent friendships and peer relationships that develop in our teen years seem to play an important role in a person’s mental health and well being for years into the future. Teenagers who prioritize close friendships are better able to manage emotional and social interactions in adulthood.

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    Your teenage bestie set you up for life

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