ESPM 150/290 Fall 2020 – Readings

Ecology and Impacts of Emergent Forest Diseases in California – Recommended Reading

Readings on the theory of emergent diseases:

Desprez 2007

Download (PDF, 2.02MB)

Fisher 2012

Download (PDF, 1.78MB)

Garbelotto 2008 phytomed

Download (PDF, 680KB)

Hayden etal 2012

Download (PDF, 221KB)

Garbelotto etal 2018

Download (PDF, 3.56MB)

Garbelotto 2004

Download (PDF, 141KB)


Readings specific to diseases discussed in class:

White pines Ribes and Blister Rust (white pine blister rust)

Download (PDF, 1MB)

Pitchcanker Review (pine pitch canker)

Download (PDF, 3MB)

Eukaryotic Cell (sudden oak death)

Download (PDF, 938KB)

Dutch elm brasier2001 (dutch elm disease)

Download (PDF, 603KB)

Annual Review Garbelotto Gonthier (heterobasidion)

Download (PDF, 1.25MB)

Xylella in Frontiers in Plant Science

Download (PDF, 396KB)

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