Shipping Wood Samples to UCB for Analysis

Wood Decay Diagnostic Research Project
Shipping Samples to UCB for Analysis

To ensure that your samples are processed properly please follow the guidelines below. We regret that we may be unable to analyze samples sent to us that do not meet these criteria. If you have any questions please contact ( for more information.

1. Sample Information: To help us organize and track your samples, a copy our submission form must accompany each tree sample. Please print out and include this form with each sample in your shipment:

Wood Decay Diagnostic Sample Submission Form

2. Sample Preparation: To reliably analyze your samples they must be properly prepared and shipped to us as follows:

a. Please see the protocol for wood sampling:

Sampling from Trees for Wood Decay Diagnostic

b. Securely enclose the wood shavings in individual paper envelopes to prevent loss or contamination of individual samples. Plastic bags should be avoided to reduce the buildup of condensation. Envelopes should be clearly and carefully marked with the sample name and ID in permanent ink.

c. Carefully pack the samples and paperwork in an appropriate container. Shipment should be made overnight through FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

Ship to:

Doug Schmidt
54 Mulford Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3114

d. Contact our lab: ( to let us know how many samples you are sending. So that we will be adequately prepared to process your samples when they arrive, please wait until you receive an email confirmation BEFORE shipping.

3.  Donation/Payment to offset costs: To help defray the costs of this project we are asking contributors to support our program by making a donation/payment to offset costs to the University of California. Suggested donation is $300 per sample depending on the level of analysis.  For larger projects (50+ samples) a different fee can be negotiated. Upon request your payment to offset costs can be invoiced.

You Can Donate Online

Donation/payment may be made by check or money order in US dollars payable to “UCB Foundation.” Your donation/payment should be enclosed with the sample shipment. Please print out and include with your shipment the:

Program Support Form

The support form letter ensures that your contribution is properly utilized and accounted for, and helps us meet State of California and UC reporting requirements. We cannot process your contribution without this document.

You can also Donate Online – Please help support our extension, outreach, and educational programs

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