Jepson Workshop 2018

Emergent forest diseases threatening California Ecosystems

The course is organized in eight parts:

  1. Introduction to tree diseases and their causal agents
  2. Ecology of forest diseases, differences between native and non-native diseases
  3. Principles of Biological Invasions and diseases caused by off-site hosts or by forestry practices
  4. Emergent diseases in California caused by exotic fungi
  5. Emergent diseases in California caused by exotic oomycetes
  6. Newest threats

Readings and resources:

The following readings are general on the theory of emergent diseases:

The following readings are specific to the diseases covered in the workshop:
WhitepinesRibesandBlisterRust (white pine blister rust)
PitchcankerReviewWingfield (pine pitch canker)
Eukaryotic Cell (sudden oak death)
Dutchelmbrasier2001 (dutch elm disease)
Annurev.phyto.graniti1 (cypress canker)
AnnualReviewGarbelottoGonthier (heterobasidion)

Power Point Presentations:

Jepson Part 1

Jepson Part 2

Jepson Part 3

Jepson Part 4

Jepson Part 5

Jepson Part 6

Jepson Part 7


Jepson Workshop 2018