SODmap Project – How to Submit Your Samples

  • We are now accepting submissions for SODMAP, the interactive mapping and outreach tool for laboratory-tested Sudden Oak Death infections in California. Our hope is that a detailed knowledge of the distribution of SOD-positive and SOD-negative samples will allow the general public to follow the spread of SOD in their local area and to respond accordingly.
  • The results of our SOD Blitz Project are now being incorporated into SODMAP and we hope other research organizations will be willing to share some of your results as well. Our SOD blitz maps have been accessed by tens of thousands of people and have substantially increased awareness about SOD in California. Our hope is that the more complete SODMAP will have a comparable and more profound impact.
  • SODMAP is updated to include new data each year. For inclusion of your data in the next SODMAP update, please use the instruction sheet and data submission form linked below to email the data you are willing to share.

SODMap Submission Instructions
SODMap Submission Form

  • You should only submit P. ramorum results that have been confirmed by laboratory analysis (culturing, EIA, PCR, etc.), however we strongly encourage submission of samples that were negative, as well as positive, for P. ramorum. We are currently accepting data collected from 2008 onward. Data from both tree sampling and water sampling are acceptable for SODMAP submission. Distribution of SOD in nurseries will NOT be covered in SODMAP.
  •  Please feel free to forward this link to other researchers who may be able to contribute data. We know many of you are collaborating and request that you confer with your collaborators in order to minimize sending duplicate datasets.

This project made possible thanks to funding from:
USDA Forest Service, State and Private Forestry
PG&E Foundation