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Implementation of Biological Control

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is that the understanding gained from our research on population ecology and natural enemies can be directly linked to the improvement of biological control practice. Recent projects include:

  • Classical biological control of light brown apple moth (Epiphyas postvittana), including studies on temperature tolerance, phenology and voltinism, biotic resistance from resident parasitoids, plant effects on performance and parasitism, and species distribution models
  • Understanding the role of pesticide selectivity in enhancing the biological control of walnut aphid (Chromaphis juglandicola) and spider mites in walnut orchards
  • Landscape influences on biological control of lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribis-nigri) by syrphid predators
mealy plum aphids

Mealy Plum aphids on phragmites

Mouse over: Aphidius transcaspicus mummies

Trioxys pallidus

Trioxys pallidus attacking the walnut aphid Chromaphis juglandicola

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