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Biological control of Light Brown Apple Moth, Epiphyas postvittana, in California

light brown apple moth

brown apple moth


We are currently working on a classical biological control program for the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) in California. Selected parasitoids have been imported from Australia and are currently being reared in the quarantine facility at UC Berkeley. Host range tests will be conducted on indigenous tortricids and other microlepidopteran leafrollers, and will include the parasitoid’s response to olfactory odors (ecological host range) as well as their performance in parasitizing the host in no choice tests (physiological host range)

lbam parasitoids

The six functional groups of parasitoids that are currently known from LBAM in S.E. Australia.  The dominant species are emphasized in red, the host life cycle stages attacked and killed by each groups are indicated by following the arrows, and endoparasitism versus ectoparasitism is shown by arrows that either enter or remain outside of the circle representing the LBAM life cycle.

Dolichogenidea tasmanica

Dolichogenidea tasmanica (Braconidae) is a solitary endoparasitoid attacking young larval instars

Goniozus jacintae (Bethylidae) is a gregarious late larval ectoparasitoid


Goniozus jacintae
Bracon sp.

Bracon sp. (Braconidae) is a gregarious lte larval ectoparasitoid


Bassus unimaculata (Braconidae) is a solitary endoparasitoid attacking young larval instars Bassus sp adult
Brachymeria teuta attacking a lbam pupa

Brachymeria teuta (Chalcididae) is a pupal endoparasitoid

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