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Resources for the Press

Here are a number of resources for members of the press. Among these are included articles, research papers, and the AG-HRnet forum. Those members of the press who so desire, may be added to my growing list wishing to receive press releases electronically (PRESS only, please indicate your magazine, farm journal, or paper). Finally, the University of California has a number of contacts available for the press by speacialty area as well as press releases on various topics (see links above).

Press Contacts

These agricultural employers have kindly agreed to accept contacts from the press. If you are a farm employer, and are willing to take questions from the press from time to time, please give me your name and phone number. While not required, we can also include your Email and a short descriptive note.


Mark Draper

Telephone: (760) 347-4794
Mark is a grower and a FLC in the Coachella Valley. Mark grows vegetable crops.

New York State

Bill and Maureen Meyerhoff

Synergy Farm, Richfield Springs
The Meyerhoffs have a freestall dairy in Central New York state. They milk 150 cows of various breeds 2x. Bill and Maureen have about 170 tillable acres of land and grow corn silage and haylage. They have been farm owners since 1997, previous to that Bill was a dairy herdsman for 15 years. As a result of that experience he is interested and somewhat uniquely qualified with regards to dairy labor--having seen farm operations from the side of labor, manager, and now owner-operator.

Agricultural Labor Management


Gregorio Billikopf Encina
University of California
(209) 525-6800


8 August 2006