The Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) program encourages faculty and undergraduate students in the Rausser College of Natural Resources to collaborate on research projects by providing a grant to support their joint project. The funding for this program is generously donated by Rausser College alumni through the Berkeley Fund for Natural Resources., and is offered in the summer, fall, and spring terms. Click here to see how SPUR has benefited student research and enriched their learning. Click here to a video of past student experiences with SPUR and tips for your application.

Students may participate in the SPUR program by applying to a faculty-initiated project or by creating a student-initiated project. Faculty may participate by submitting a faculty-initiated project in which undergraduate researchers could gain useful research experience or by mentoring an undergraduate student with their student-initiated project.

Eligible students seeking to gain research experience are encouraged to apply to faculty-initiated projects. The program is designed to provide research opportunities for students with varying levels of research experience. Advanced students who have identified a project or topic that they would like to pursue are encouraged to seek a Rausser College faculty mentor to assist them and apply for funding through a student-initiated project.

Questions? Please email for assistance.