SPUR for Faculty

The SPUR program encourages faculty and undergraduate students in CNR to collaborate on research projects, with The funding for this program is generously donated by CNR alumni.

Faculty-Initiated Projects
Faculty who have projects that can provide undergraduate researchers with useful research experience are urged to submit projects to which students can apply. SPUR will provide $500 in funding per student (up to 2 students) accepted to an approved faculty-initiated project. Faculty may apply each fall, spring, and summer term, and all funding is paid to the faculty member's research account to cover part of the project's supplies and expenses.

Regular faculty, Cooperative Extension specialists, adjunct faculty, faculty emeriti, and lecturers currently teaching or who have taught in the previous semester are eligible to submit faculty-initiated projects. However, priority consideration will be given to projects submitted by regular faculty and Cooperative Extension specialists. Projects from those in other eligible categories will be approved if funding permits. Extension specialists without an adjunct appointment, and others without a teaching appointment, will be considered if they have a teaching faculty member act as Instructor of Record.

Sponsoring a Student-Initiated Project
SPUR may also provide up to $2,000 in funding for student-initiated projects. Student-initiated projects are ideal for students who would like to undertake their own independent research project, and are seeking funding to support their research. These may be projects intended for a senior thesis or the CNR Honors Program. Students who previously participated in a faculty-initiated project may expand their research experience into a new project.

These projects require a considerable amount of preparation. It is recommended that students initiate their projects the semester prior to when research is set to begin. Students are required to find a CNR faculty mentor to sponsor their project. Faculty sponsors are encouraged to provide guidance and feedback on the student's research proposal and budget. By approving the budget for a student-initiated project, the faculty sponsor indicates that they will be responsible for assisting the student with accessing their research funds.

It is highly recommended that interested faculty sponsors read through the guidelines for a student-initiated project to familiarize themselves with the student and faculty responsibilities for the project.