Project Description: 

This ethnographic research examines the environmental racism that targeted communities of color in Michigan from state-sanctioned policies and practices of Republican Governor Rick Synder and his administration. This enthography also highlightst the role of the non-profit industry, corporate interest, and the scientitifc establishment in aiding these undemocratic and racist policies brought into existence by the strategic use of racialized austerity. To date I have completed four years of fieldwork and am currently writing a book manuscript under contract with the University of California Press.

Undergraduate's Role: 

I am looking for a student to assist me with archival research, content analysis, computation, and fact checking of information in the most recent draft of my manuscript.

Undergraduate's Qualifications: 

Ability to use library and archival sources to search for social science information. The ability to read and write in the social sciences. An interest in environmental racism and other aspects of structural and systemic racism, more generally. 

On Campus
3-6 hours