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Rausser College of Natural Resources Travel Grant Application

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Rausser College of Natural Resources Travel Grant Application

Please submit all requested materials online by 5pm on the day of the deadline. Proposals received after this deadline will be considered pending availability of funds. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

Fall Deadline: September 15 (travel must take place between first day of fall semester and the day before spring semester) 

Spring Deadline: February 15 (travel must take place between first day of spring semester and the day before summer semester)

Summer Deadline: March 17th (travel must take place between first day of summer semester and the day before fall semester) 

What does it fund? The Travel Grant is intended to support students participating in independent research projects outside of those being organized through an internship, study abroad, formal class, research, or service program so costs incurred during these types of programs are not eligible expenses for Travel Grant funding.  Car rental and fuel costs will not be covered to/from areas where a Student EasyPass can be used. Priority will be given to students conducting or presenting research.

Who can apply? Applicants must be active undergraduate students in the College, be in good academic standing, and have a faculty sponsor from within the College. Travel must take place while individuals are registered or continuing students. Funds are limited, so applicants are encouraged to also apply for alternative funding sources such as the ASUC, Scholarship Office, Undergraduate Research at Berkeley, and Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research (SPUR), and/or through their faculty sponsor or mentor.

Who much funding can I receive? Travel within California up to $400, travel within North America up to $600 and International Travel up to $1,000.  All award approvals will take current Covid restrictions and guidelines into consideration.

To apply, complete the steps below and upload a PDF that includes:

  • Personalized description of your project (your learning outcomes, objectives, hypothesis, details)
  • Personalized description of your desired travel (including a timeline for when you will depart and return)
  • Include a short statement about how you will adapt to Covid 19 travel restrictions and health concerns
  • Detailed budget demonstrating your costs (please use this template and include any outside funding sources secured or pending) signed by your Rausser Faculty Sponsor

Responsibilites of RCNR Faculty Sponsor 

  • To review  and sign off on budget
  • Review project learning outcomes, objectives, hypothesis and details to ensure project is viable

Please save your PDF as First & Last Name_ RCNR Travel Grant App_Term_Year (example: Ryann Madden_RCNR Travel Grant App__Fall 23)

After Travel Responsibilities

1.  All recipients must submit this REPORT within one month of returning from their trip. These summaries may be given to the Travel Grant donor(s) upon request and/or used in Travel Grant-related communications. The Travel Grant would not be possible without the generosity and support of Rausser College alumni and friends.

2. Recipients are also required to present their research at a Rausser College Poster Session (typically held in April and November each year). Each recipient must present their own poster presentation. 

When will I know if  I am approved? Students who submit proposals on or before the priority deadline should hear from the Travel Grant Coordinator within three weeks of the advertised deadline. * Students may recieve conditional approval pending further verification of documentation. 

What if I recieve funds but then due to Covid 19 I cannot travel? If you are unable to use your total or partial funds, you will be billed for the unused amount via CalCentral at the end of the term.  For more information, contact travelgrant.rcnr@berkeley.edu

By submitting this webform, you confirm that you understand the terms and conditions of the Travel Grant, that you agree to submit individual proposals, you will present at a Rausser College poster session in the time specified should your proposal be selected,  and that all information supplied in this application is correct.

As a reminder: Please save your PDF as First & Last Name_ RCNR Travel Grant App_Term_Year (example: Ryann Madden_RCNR Travel Grant App_Fall_23)