Advisor Code Release Form

If you are currently studying abroad, or have been recently readmitted to the University, this form is required to request your advisor code if you are unable to meet with your undergraduate advisor in person prior to your Tele-BEARS appointment. 

Bachelor Degree Candidacy Form

A form allowing you to add to the degree list, when you are no longer able to add from the TeleBears website. 

Application for Independent Study and Research Units

This form applies to Independent Study and Research (99 and 199 courses).  It is also used to enroll in units for Sponsored Undergraduate Research (SPUR) and as a DeCal Facilitator.  Please read this form carefully and obtain all required signatures before turning in.  More about independent study

Change of College or Major

Request a change of college or major

More about Changing Colleges

Honors Program Enrollment Form 

More about the Honors Program

CNR Undergraduate Handbook 

Publication outlining CNR policies, requirements, curriculum, and key information for all CNR students.

Declare Double Major

Declare a double major (two degrees in CNR).

More about Double Majoring

Declare Simultaneous Degrees

Declare simultaneous degrees (a degree in CNR and a degree in another UC Berkeley college or school).

More about Simultaneous Degrees

Employment Verification Form for Reduced-Study List

Required to obtain approval to take fewer units because of your employment committments.

More about Employment Verification

Minor Completion Form

Form to declare any minor in the College of Natural Resources.  

Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) Program Application

Apply to join the CNR Peer Advising Leadership Program.

More about the PAL Program

Petition for Withdrawal by Fax

Submit if seeking to withdraw from the University and cannot visit the college office to withdraw. Only recommended for students with extraordinary circumstance, i.e. long distance, illness, etc.

Petition to Drop from Degree List

Submit to be removed from the degree list. Additional semesters, though not guaranteed, can be requested with a Blue* *Student's Petition.

Program Planning Form 

Reduced Course Load Due to Parenthood

Required to obtain approval to take fewer units because of parenting commitments.

SPUR Summer Learning Contract

Student Resource Center Reservation Form

Reserve the Student Resource Center for student organization meetings or special events and programs.

More about the Student Resource Center

Student's Petition

Submit for special requests, such as appeals to the CNR Associate Dean of Instruction and Student Affairs.

Tele-BEARS Form

Required to obtain advisor code during Tele-BEARS advising appointment with advisor.

More about Tele-BEARS.