9/17/19: New paper on gene flow and reproductive mode in fire salamanders!

In collaboration with André Lourenço, João Gonçalves, Filipe Carvalho, and Guillermo Velo‐Antón, Ian has a new paper in Molecular Ecology comparing the effects of reproductive mode on genetic connectivity in fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra).

Lourenco A., Goncalves J., Carvalho F., Wang I.J., and Velo-Anton G. (accepted) Comparative landscape genetics reveals the evolution of viviparity reduces genetic connectivity in fire salamanders. Molecular Ecology.

6/27/18: Mike was awarded a Philomathia Fellowship!

Mike Yuan has been awarded a Philomathia Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Sciences. Students are nominated to receive the award on the basis of their high level of academic distinction and exceptional promise, and candidates are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and departments on the UC Berkeley campus. Mike’s award will support his work on the adaptive radiations of Anolis lizards.