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ddb gave a presentation on eddy covariance, a method for measuring ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes of trace gases at 2015 Aquatic Sciences meeting of the Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography in Granada, Spain.

Presentations on the Fluxnet project were give at the Vrije University, near Amsterdam. While in Wageningen, seminars were given on the greenhouse gas studies in the Delta and on Fluxnet.


A. M. R. Petrescu, A. Lohila,J.-P. Tuovinen,D. Baldocchi,A. R. Desai,N. T. Roulet,T. Vesala,A. J. Dolman,W. C. Oechel,B. Marcolla, T. Friborg, J. Rinne,J. Hatala Matthes,;L. Merbold,A. Meijide,G. Kiely,M. Sottocornola,T. Sachs,D. Zona,A. Varlagin,;D.Y.F. Lai,;E. Veenendaal,F. J. W. Parmentier,U. Skiba,;M. Lund,, A. Hensen, J. van Huissteden, L. B. Flanagan,  N. Shurpali, T. Grünwald,E. Humphreys,M. Jackowicz-Korczynski,;M. Aurela, T. Laurila, C. Grüning, C.A.R. Corradi,A. P. Schrier-Uijl,T. R. Christensen,M. P. Tamstorf,;M. Mastepanov,;P. J. Martikainen,S. B. Verma, C. Bernhofer, A. Cescatti The uncertain climate footprint of wetlands under human pressure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, in press

 Greenness indices from digital cameras predict the timing and seasonal dynamics of canopy-scale photosynthesis Michael Toomey, Mark A. Friedl, Steve Frolking, Koen Hufkens, Stephen Klosterman, Oliver Sonnentag, Dennis D. Baldocchi, Carl J. Bernacchi, Sebastien C. Biraud, Gil Bohrer, Edward Brzostek, Sean P. Burns, Carole Coursolle, David Y. Hollinger, Hank A. Margolis, Harry McCaughey, Russell K. Monson, J. William Munger, Stephen Pallardy, Richard P. Phillips, Margaret S. Torn, Sonia Wharton, Marcelo Zeri, and Andrew D. Richardson. Ecological Applications 2015 25:199-115 



ddb participated in the scientific review of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany and is now spending the next month on sabbatical at Wageningen University in the Netherlands in the Meteorology and Air Pollution Group with Jordi Vila.

Staff News

Housen Chu is joining the Biomet Lab as a postdoc working on the Fluxnet project. He just got his PhD from the University of Toledo.

Ana Andreu Mendez is joining the Biomet Lab as a visiting scientist from Cordoba, Spain

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