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Fengfei Xin, Xiangming Xiao, Bin Zhao, Akira Miyata, Dennis Baldocchi, Sara Knox, Minseok Kang, Kyo-moon Shim, Sunghyun Min, Bangqian Chen, Xiangping Li, Jie Wang, Jinwei Dongand Chandrashekhar BiradarModeling gross primary production of paddy rice cropland through analyses of data from CO2 eddy flux tower sites and MODIS images Remote Sensing of the Environment. RSE-D-16-00362R2 Accepted for Publication

McNicol, G., C. S. Sturtevant, S. H. Knox, I. Dronova, D. D. Baldocchi, and W. L. Silver. 2016. Effects of seasonality, transport-pathway, and spatial structure on greenhouse gas fluxes in a restored wetland. Global Change Biology. accepted, published on line

Staff News

We are pleased to announce the addition of Daphne Szutu to the Biomet lab. Daphne will join the team as a technician on our Delta greenhouse gas project. She has a BS from Cal, an MS in hydrology from Arizona and has been working as a technician at U Colorado.


Jorge Perez-Quezada from the University of Chile, Santiago is visiting. Jorge is making greenhouse gas flux measurements over disturbed peatlands and is a relatively new member of Fluxnet

Alexandra Konings from Stanford.  Alexandra is using remote sensing and radar to examine moisture of plants and was on campus giving the Civil and Environmental Engineering seminar


Estimating the sensitivity of stomatal conductance to photosynthesis: A review" by Miner Grace; Bauerle, William; Baldocchi, Dennis. Plant, Cell & Environment. accepted for publication

The FLUXNET2015 Dataset: The longest record of global carbon, water, and energy fluxes. EOS. Dario Papale, Housen Chu, Carlo Trotta, Deb Agarwal, Eleonora Canfora, Dennis Baldocchi, and Margaret Torn. accepted for publication

Baldocchi, D.D., Chu, H. Reicstein, M. Inter-Annual Variability of Net and Gross Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes:A Review. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. submitted.



ddb spoke on the Water-Food-Climate Nexus of California, at the Berkeley Uncharted meeting of the minds

Staff News

Sam Chamberlain joined the Biomet Lab as a new postdoc, working on the Delta Greenhouse gas flux project. Sam earned his Ph.D. at Cornell working on methane and carbon fluxes of pasture in Florida.

Housen Chu and his wife Doris are new parents of a baby girl, Silvia, meaning forest.  What could be more appropriate. Congratulations.


Mike Dietze, from Boston University, is on sabbatical at Berkeley this semester and came to the Biomet lab to give an overview of his lab's research on ecosystem modeling and data analysis.

Gaby Katul from Duke is on campus giving an Engineering seminar and stopped by to visit with the Biomet lab and discuss turbulence and biosphere atmosphere interactions

Steve Wofsy from Harvard is on a Miller fellowship visit at Berkeley for part of Oct and Nov. He gave a seminar on his Arctic work and visited the Biomet lab to discuss biosphere-atmosphere gas exchange


Using digital camera and Landsat imagery with eddy covariance data to model photosynthesis in restored wetlands" by Knox, Sara; Dronova, Iryna; Sturtevant, Cove; Oikawa, Patricia; Matthes, Jaclyn; Verfaillie, Joseph; Baldocchi, Dennis submitted to Ecological Applications

The FLUXNET2015 Dataset: The longest record of global carbon, water, and energy fluxes is updated" by listed authors Gilberto Pastorello, Dario Papale, Housen Chu, Carlo Trotta, Deb Agarwal, Eleonora Canfora, Dennis Baldocchi, and Margaret Torn  EOS, accepted, minor revision

Estimating the sensitivity of stomatal conductance to photosynthesis: A review" by Miner Grace; Bauerle, William; Baldocchi, Dennis submitted for publication in Plant, Cell & Environment.

Beyond the methanogenic black box: Effects of seasonality, transport-pathway, and spatial structure on wetland greenhouse gas fluxes by McNicol, Gavin; Sturtevant, Cove; Knox, Sara; Dronova, Iryna; Baldocchi, Dennis; Silver, Whendee, submitted to Global Change Biology.

Using data from Landsat, MODIS, VIIRS and PhenoCams to monitor the phenology of California oak/grass savanna and open grassland across spatial scales.Yan Liu,;Michael J Hill; Xiaoyang Zhang; Zhuosen Wang; Andrew D Richardson; Koen Hufkens; Gianluca Filippa; Dennis D Baldocchi; Siyan Ma; Joseph Verfaillie; Crystal B Schaaf. submitted to;Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Baldocchi D, Ryu Y and Keenan T. Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Variability F1000Research 2016, 5(F1000 Faculty Rev):(doi:10.12688/f1000research.8962.1)

Staff News

The Biometlab summer/fall picnic was held at Dillon Beach. Lots of great food (pot stickers, fresh tomato salad, tiramisu) and wine from around the world (China, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Spain). Plus fog, hiking and whales!

Patty Oikawa has moved to Cal State East Bay where she joined the faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science. We congratulate her on her new position.

Fluxnet project and new dataset covered by press release at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab



Hamed Alemohammad will be resident part time in the Biomet lab this academic year. Hamed is a postdoc in Pierre Gentine's lab at Columbia University, and he is interested in soil moisture retrievals with neural network models and partitioning of evaporation into transpiration with multiple constraints.  So lots of opportunities of mutual and intersecting interests.

Susan Ustin and Karine Adeline from UC Davis came to visit and discuss collaborative work using hyperspectral reflectance data to interpret canopy pigment and structural properties at Tonzi Ranch.  Karine informed us she won an award for the Best Paper at teh 2016 Eighth Workshop on Hyperspectral Imat and Signal Processing: Evolution in Remote Sensing for her paper on Spectral Sensitivity of Radiative Transfer Inversion for Seasonal Canopy Pigments Estimation from AVIRIS data in a woodland savanna ecosystem.


The FLUXNET2015 Dataset: The longest record of global carbon, water, and energy fluxes is updated" by listed authors Gilberto Pastorello, Dario Papale, Housen Chu, Carlo Trotta, Deb Agarwal, Eleonora Canfora, Dennis Baldocchi, and Margaret Torn submitted to EOS

Fluxes All of the Times? A Primer on the Temporal Representativeness of FLUXNET. Housen Chu, Dennis Baldocchi , Ranjeet John , Sebastian Wolf , Markus Reichstein. submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences

Wang, J., X. M. Xiao, P. Wagle, S. Y. Ma, D. Baldocchi, A. Carrara, Y. Zhang, J. W. Dong, and Y. W. Qin. 2016. Canopy and climate controls of gross primary production of Mediterranean-type deciduous and evergreen oak savannas. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 226:132-147. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2016.05.020


The Biomet lab and the Silver Lab went to Bouldin Island to meet with farm managers to explore new flux sites on deep carbon peat over alfalfa and took measurements of soil C and bulk density profiles.  This will be an exciting treatment where we hope the C in the peat is twice that of the soils on Twitchell Island, allowing us to explore the roles of soil C on net and gross C fluxes. 

We set up a new flux tower on Bouldin Island on a deep peat alfalfa field as part of dwr funding


Markus Reichstein gave a lab presentation on Towards Global Data-Driven Earth Science

Alessandro de Araujo from Embrapa Brasil visited and gave a seminar on the trials and tribulations of measuring and interpreting eddy covariance fluxes over Amazonia forests.

Prof. Isabel Reche from the University of Granada will be resident in the Biomet for the 2016-2017 academic year



ddb taught at the 9th Flux Course at Niwot Ridge, CO


AGRFORMET-D-16-00235R1, Slow ecosystem responses conditionally regulate annual carbon balance over 15 years in Californian oak-grass savanna, by Siyan Ma, Dennis D Baldocchi,  Sebastian Wolf, Joseph Verfaillie has been published on line in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168192316303422

Poindexter et al GRL paper was featured in Nature News and Views



Funds from the Department of Water Resources Contract to study greenhouse gas exchange across the delta, with the Silver Lab, finally arrived on campus.


Tyler Anderson came to speak and discuss a new idea for a tunable diode laser spectrometer water vapor sensor.  A very innovative discussion

FLUXNET-LBL team of Trevor Keenan, Margaret Torn, Deb Agarwal and Gilberto Pastorello came to discuss considering the Kok effect in flux partitioning and the release of the most recent (July) version of the FLUXNET 2015 dataset

Dario Papale from University of Tuscia visited as part of the FLUXNET data release.


ddb served on the science advisory board of the Helmholtz Research Program on Atmosphere and Climate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, June 2-3, 2016

Housen Chu, Elke Eichelmann and Kyle Hemes attended the 32nd Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Conference in Salt Lake City.  

Housen gave a talk on:  Cross site evaluation of methods for the estimation of aerodynamic roughness parameters from flux tower data.

Elke presented a poster on: A comprehensive error analysis for eddy covariance measurements




Proposal on Benchmarking Carbon Cycle and Land-Atmosphere Models with Data from a Global Flux Network, FLUXNET, with Deb Agarwal, Margaret Torn, Marty Humphrey, Dario Papale, Markus Reichstein and Bill Riley, submitted to NASA ROSES call



Poindexter, C. M., D. D. BaldocchiJ. H. MattheS. H. Knox, E. A. Variano. 2016. Overlooked methane transport process controls significant portion of a wetland's methane emissions. Geophysical Research Letters. doi: 10.1002/2016GL068782.

Staff News

Delta research featured on PBS News Hour



Biomet lab help host a field trip of a group (~25) CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife at the Delta Field sites, June 8


Markus Reichstein, from Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany, will be visiting the Biomet Lab for the next 6 weeks of this summer.


ddb gave a seminar on Evaluating Evaporation Everywhere, All of the Time: Lessons Learned about Ecosystem Evaporation from Long-Term, Global Flux Networks. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Environmental Science Seminar, May 5, 2016.

ddb gave a presentation at the symposium on California Climate Change Scoping Plan: Role of Agriculture. University of California Center, Sacramento


AGRFORMET-D-15-00809R2, Canopy and climate controls of gross primary production of deciduous and evergreen oak savannas under the Mediterranean climate, by Jie wang; Xiangming Xiao; Pradeep Wagle; Siyan Ma; Dennis  Baldocchi; Arnaud  Carrara; Yao Zhang; Jinwei Dong; Yuanwei Qin, has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.

Staff News

Sara Knox finished her Ph.D. Congratulations. Here dissertation is on Assessing the Impacts of Land Use Change and Ecological Restoration on CH4 and CO2 Fluxes in the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta, California: Findings from a Regional Network of Eddy Covariance Towers

Brian Su, an undergraduate EECS major, gave a presentation on his application of machine learning methods to predict fluxes of mass and energy from a wetland

Ian Utz, an undergraduate ES major, gave a presentation on his study of the role of phytoplankton on assimilation of the wetland.


Housen Chu was a cited referee by Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeoscience.  Congratulations


ddb gave a presentation on Implications on the True Cost of Water on California Agriculture at the True Cost of Food Conference in San Francisco

ddb gave a presentation on Ameriflux's role in building community infrastructure: observations, data and models at the DOE ESS annual PI meeting, Potomac, MD



Knox, S. H., J. H. Matthes, C. Sturtevant, P. Y. Oikawa, J. Verfaillie, and D. Baldocchi. 2016. Biophysical controls on interannual variability in ecosystem-scale CO2 and CH4 exchange in a California rice paddy. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences: doi 10.1002/2015JG003247.

Wolf, S., T. F. Keenan, J. B. Fisher, D. D. Baldocchi, A. R. Desai, A. D. Richardson, R. L. Scott, B. E. Law, M. E. Litvak, N. A. Brunsell, W. Peters, and I. T. van der Laan-Luijkx. 2016. Warm spring reduced carbon cycle impact of the 2012 US summer drought. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1519620113

Baldocchi, D., S. Knox, I. Dronova, J. Verfaillie, P. Oikawa, C. Sturtevant, J. H. Matthes, and M. Detto. 2016. The impact of expanding flooded land area on the annual evaporation of rice. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 223:181-193doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2016.04.001

submission of papers to:

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Siyan Ma, Dennis D Baldocchi, Sebastian Wolf,  Joseph Verfaillie, Long-term responses in ecosystems CO2 fluxes over 15 years in Californian oak-grass savanna.

Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeoscience manuscript 2016JG003438, Introducing a biogeochemical model for estimating CO2 and CH4 exchange in restored wetlands, Oikawa, Sturtevant, Hatala, Knox, Verfaillie, Baldocchi

Geophysical Research Letters, manuscript 2016GL068782, Overlooked methane transport process controls significant portion of a wetland's methane emissions, Poindexter, Variano, Knox, Baldocchi

 "Revisiting the Partitioning of Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 into Photosynthesis and Respiration with Simultaneous Flux Measurements of 13CO2 and CO2, Soil Respiration and a Biophysical Model, CANVEG"
Patricia Yoshino Oikawa, PhD; Cove Sturtevant, PhD; Sara H Knox; Joseph Verfaillie; Yi-wen Huang; Dennis D Baldocchi, PhD, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology,  AGRFORMET-D-16-00264.


ddb participated in the spring Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC) for DOE in Gaithersberg, MD. charges to the committee are to revisit and advance the grand challenges for DOE BER for the next 20 years.  Presentations on BER research from all the National Labs were presented to the committee. and and update on NGEE Tropics

ddb gave a plenary talk on Using a Hierarchy of Modeling Approaches to Mine a Rich Dataset of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes Measurements: Experiences Derived from a Meso-network of Agricultural and Restored Wetland Sites in the Peat-Rich Delta of California at the Austin International Conference on Soil Modeling


*Warm spring reduced carbon cycle impact of the 2012 US summer drought*" Wolf et al. PNAS, accepted

Staff News

Kyle Hemes will be awarded a Delta Science Program and California Sea Grant for his proposal titled “Restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Peatlands: A complete biogeochemical assessment of climatic impacts” .  Congratulations


Sara Knox gave a presentation onAssessing the impacts of land-use change and ecological restoration on CH4 and CO2 fluxes in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California: findings from a regional network of eddy covariance towers at USGS in Menlo Park


Anderson, F. E., B. Bergamaschi, C. Sturtevant, S. Knox, L. Hastings, L. Windham-Myers, M. Detto, E. L. Hestir, J. Drexler, R. L. Miller, J. H. Matthes, J. Verfaillie, D. Baldocchi, R. L. Snyder, and R. Fujii. 2016. Variation of energy and carbon fluxes from a restored temperate freshwater wetland and implications for carbon market verification protocols. Journal of Geophysical, Biogeoscience doi: 10.1002/2015JG003083

Sturtevant, C, B.L. Ruddell, S.H. Knox, J.Verfaillie, J.J. Mathes, P.Y. Oikawa, D. Baldocchi. 2016. Identifying scale emergent, non-linear, asynchronous processes of wetland methane exchange. J. Geophysical Res. Biogeosci, 121, 188-204, doi:10.1002/2015JG003054.

Knox et al .Biophysical controls on interannual variability in ecosystem scale CO2 and CH4 exchange in a California rice paddy" [Paper #2015JG003247R], accepted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences. 


Christian Frankenberg from CalTech/JPL visited and discussed fluorescence and photosynthesis.  He as also a featured speaker for the annual BASC symposium

Ralph Cicerone, National Academy of Science, visited to discuss methane fluxes from rice and wetlands. Ralph was on campus giving this years Hitchcock lectures.


Oak Woodlands (Frank W. Davis, Dennis D. Baldocchi, and Claudia M. Tyler) In Ecosystems of California. Harold Mooney and Erika Zavaleta (Editors) Hardcover, 1008 pages ISBN: 9780520278806January 2016


Frank Anderson, USGS, came by and gave a lab seminar on greenhouse gas fluxes from the Suisun Marsh

Jan Krebich, from Goettingen University, is a visiting graduate student during the Spring, 2016 semester. He will work on assessing soil CO2 profiles and fluxes from the grassland and savanna sites.

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