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ddb attended International Symposium on Evapotranspiration: Challenges in Measurement and Modeling from Leaf to the Landscape Scale and Beyond, in Rayleigh, NC and gave a Keynote lecture on Evaluating Evaporation Everywhere, All of the Time: Lessons Learned about Ecosystem Evaporation from Long Term Global Flux networks


Tom O'Halloran from Sweet Briar College visited and discussed using fluxnet data to assess the role of diffuse light on carbon fluxes


A guide on how to write better papers for JGR Biogeosciences has been posted on the publication web site.  Please refer to


Monson, R and Baldocchi, D. 2014. Terrestrial Biosphere-Atmosphere Fluxes. Cambridge University Press


Vila-Guerau de Arellano, Jordi, Ouwersloot, H. G.,Baldocchi, D.D, Jacobs, C. 2014. Shallow cumulus rooted in photosynthesis. Geophysical Research Letters. Doi:10.1002/2014GL059279

Oikawa, P.Y. ,D. A. Grantz, A. Chatterjee, J. E. Eberwein, L. A. Allsman and G. D. Jenerette. Unifying soil respiration pulses, inhibition, and temperature hysteresis through dynamics of labile soil carbon and O2 J ournal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences, DOI: 10.1002/2013JG002434


Trevor Keenan, from Maquarie University in Australia visited the Biomet Lab, before his interview at Cal for the Ecoinformatics position

Alan Robock, from Rutgers, visited before his BASC seminar on Climate and Regional Nuclear war. We discussed roles of volcanos on diffuse light, carbon cycle and climate, geoengineering and soil moisture networks. We had the treat of having lunch with Alan, and with Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers fame.

Rodrigo Vargas, former postdoc and now asst prof at Delaware, visited with his new son, Diego, and spouse, Angie

Liukang Xu, former postdoc and now research scientist at LICOR, visited with his colleague Jason. We discussed instrumentation and flux measurements


Sturtevant, Ma, Verfaillie and Baldocchi attended the AmeriFlux Data Manager's Workshop at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. It was a great opportunity to meet other collaborators across the network and to update our site metadata and stand information

Martin Beland and Dennis Baldocchi attended the International Conference on Global Vegetation Monitoring and Modeling in Avignon. Martin presented a poster on Foliage clumping and the role of Terrestrial LIDAR in its characterization.

DDB chaired the session on Site Measurements, Scaling, modelign and remote sensing.

Former Biometter, Youngryel Ryu, gave a keynote lecture on his work



Beland, M., J. L. Widlowski, and R. A. Fournier (2014), A model for deriving voxel-level tree leaf area density estimates from ground-based LiDAR, Environmental Modelling & Software, 51, 184-189.

Vila-Guerau de Arellano, Jordi, Ouwersloot, H. G., Baldocchi, D.D, Jacobs, C. 2014. Shallow cumulus rooted in photosynthesis. Geophysical Research Letters in press

Jaclyn Hatala MatthesCove Sturtevant, Joseph Verfaillie, Sara Knox, and Dennis Baldocchi. Parsing variability in CH4 fluxes at a spatially heterogeneous wetland: Integrating multiple eddy covariance towers with high-resolution flux footprint analysis.  submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences

Staff News

Martin Beland accepted a faculty position at the University of Laval in Canada. He will start his position in the fall. Congratulations


‘Winter Fog is Decreasing in the Fruit Growing Region of the Central Valley of California submitted to Geophysical Research Letters, by D. Baldocchi and Eric Waller

On linking plant and ecosystem functional biogeography by M Reichstein, M Bahn, MD Mahecha, J Kattge and DD Baldocchi, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, in press


Staff News

Laurie Koteen has moved on to being Ecological Science Academic Coordinator at the UC Agricultural and Natural Resources unit. She will be involved with managing a network of flux towers being installed at a suite of the agricultural experiment stations across the state. 



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