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Current Personnel

Joe Verfaillie

Joe Verfaillie   [email]
BS, UC San Diego

Developmental Lab Technician

Siyan Ma

Siyan Ma   [email]
Ph.D., University of Toledo

Associate Research Specialist

Savanna/Grassland Project, Measuring and analyzing long term carbon, water and energy fluxes over a savanna and grassland.

107 Hilgard; 510-642-2421


Cove Sturtevant

Cove Sturtevant   [email]
Ph.D. UC Davis, San Diego State

Postdoctoral Scientist

Postdoctoral fellow, June 2013 to present

Working on the Delta Greenhouse Gas Flux Project. Interested in upscaling fluxes from the paddock to landscape scale using remote sensing and flux footprint models.

Sara Knox

Sara Knox   [email]
M.S. Carleton University

Ph.D. Student

B.S. McGill University 
Graduate Student, Fall 2011

Website: nature.berkeley.edu/~saraknox

Working on the Delta Greenhouse Gas Flux projet. Interested in the roles of land use on the budgets of CO2, water and methane fluxes.

Patty Oikawa

Patty Oikawa   
Ph.D. University of Virginia

Postdoctoral Scientist

USDA/AFRI Postdoctoral Fellow. Oct. 2013 to present

Investigating changes in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from land-use conversion in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

Housen Chu

Housen Chu   [email]
Ph.D., University of Toledo

Postdoctoral Scientist

Ana Andreu Mendez   

Postdoctoral Scientist
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