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Guidelines for Managing Oak Rangelands – A Webinar Series

January 20, 2011

Dates: March 15, 22. 29 and April 5, 2011 (10 am to 12 noon); Field Trips on April 16 (Sierra REC) and April 30 (Hopland REC)

Background: California’s oak woodlands cover 10 percent of the state and are its most biologically diverse broad habitat. It also is as an important location for agricultural and other economic enterprises. With 80 percent in private ownership, continued resource sustainability is in the hands of private landowners. This webinar series is designed to create an awareness of the importance of managing oak woodlands and to present alternative management strategies for landowners to consider. It will be presented around the concepts in the University of California’s publication, “Guidelines for Managing California’s Hardwood Rangelands.”

Audience: Oak woodland landowners, certified range managers and registered professional foresters.

Format: A four part series of 2-hour lectures will be offered on-line through a link to Adobe Connect. In addition to web-based audio and visual educational material, participants can choose to attend a Saturday field trip to ANR's Sierra (4/16/11) or Hopland (4/30/11) Research and Extension Center at the end of the series for field demonstrations of concepts presented in the webinar. All registered participants will receive a copy of the ANR publication, "Guidelines for Managing California’s Hardwood Rangelands." A complete list of topics and speakers is provided on the website (see:

Registration: There is a $25 fee to register for the webinar, and people interested in registering can do so at People need to register on-line to get the weblink for the session and publication material. Registered participants will receive follow-up log-in instructions.

Flyer: You can download a flyer about the webinar here.


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