College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Awards and Distinctions

Annual Awards

The CNR Citation, Career Achievement, Staff Recognition and Young Faculty/Cooperative Extension Awards recipients are awarded annually. Each year, the College also recognizes outstanding CNR graduate and undergraduate students and awards the CNR Distinguished Teaching Award to a faculty member.

College faculty and staff have also received campus awards such as the Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award for faculty and the Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award.

CNR Citation

The CNR Citation honors individuals, couples, groups or organizations such as donors, volunteers, alumni, advisory board members, or friends of the College who have made extraordinary contributions to the CNR community by, for example, giving their time, sharing their expertise, conducting advocacy and outreach, and providing private support to the College, its students, and its programs. The CNR Citation recognizes those who have made a significant impact and have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to CNR and its mission. The CNR Citation is the highest honor bestowed by the College and is awarded annually at an awards ceremony in the spring.

CNR Staff Recognition Award

The College of Natural Resources Staff Recognition Award is designed to recognize outstanding and noteworthy service of members of the College of Natural Resources staff. Except for staff members serving on the current Staff Recognition Award Committee, all permanent staff members (full and part-time) are eligible for nomination. Nominations will be called for, and awards presented, on a one-time annual basis. In order to acknowledge as many staff as possible, winners are only eligible for the award once every three years.

CNR Career Achievement Award

The CNR Career Achievement Award honors a tenured faculty member who has provided distinguished service as an educator and scholar over the course of his or her career. In addition to extraordinary scholarly achievement within her or his field and a distinguished teaching record at CNR, the nominee must have a record of excellent service to the CNR community. It is expected that nominees will have achieved the rank of Professor, Step VI or above. Emeriti are not eligible.

CNR Young Faculty/Cooperative Extension Specialist Award

The CNR Young Faculty/CE Specialist Award is designed to encourage and recognize excellence in two of three areas: research and either teaching or service/outreach. This combination will be the primary criterion for selection. Teaching: Ability to inspire independent and original thinking; enthusiasm and vitality in teaching; development of innovative curricula or educational programs. Research: Research and discovery at the highest level; distinguished publication record. Service/Outreach: CE Specialists: Demonstrated extension of knowledge and expertise to external communities. Faculty: Involvement in programs or projects outside academic responsibility; commitment to land grant mission.

Award Recipients

CNR Citation

  • 2011: John Casazza
  • 2010: Roderic Park, Acting Chancellor Emeritus, University of California, Merced
  • 2009: Kass Green
  • 2008: Russell L. Rustici
  • 2007: Jim Lugg; David Zilberman
  • 2006: Bob Heald
  • 2005: Iona "Rocky" Main; Helen Ullrich
  • 2004: Gordon Rausser
  • 2003: Don Dahlsten
  • 2002: Dick Beahrs

CNR Staff Recognition Awards

  • 2011: Leslie Ross, Faculty Research, Administration/Accounting
  • 2010: Susan Kishi, Office of Student Affairs
  • 2009: Jenny Sun
  • 2008: Louise Meyer Ozawa
  • 2007: Matt Fratus, CNR Dean's Office
  • 2007: Kyle Dukart, Plant and Microbial Biology
  • 2006: Brian McClendon, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
  • 2006: Nancy Schimmelman, Plant and Microbial Biology
  • 2005: Sherry Cooper, Cooperative Extension & Center for Forestry
  • 2005: Gail Vawter, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • 2004: Mary Graham, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
  • 2004: Donna Symon, CNR Office of Instruction and Student Affairs

CNR Young Faculty/CE Specialist Award:

  • 2011: Britt Glaunsinger, Assistant Professor, PMB
  • 2010: David Winickoff, Assistant Professor, ESPM-S & E
  • 2009: Justin Brashares
  • 2008: Sofia Villas-Boas
  • 2007: Professor Max Auffhammer, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • 2006: Dr. Max Moritz, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Environmental Science, Policy and Management
  • 2005: Dr. Alix Zwane, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • 2004: Professor Steve Brenner, Plant and Microbial Biology

CNR Career Achievement Award

  • 2011: David Zilberman, Plant and Microbial Biology
  • 2010: Gordon Rausser, Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor, ARE
  • 2009: John Casida
  • 2008: Carolyn Merchant
  • 2007: Professor Bob Buchanan, Plant and Microbial Biology

Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Awards:

  • 2005: Rita Mitchell, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology; Nancy Schimmelman, Plant and Microbial Biology; Andrew Thompson, Environmental Science, Policy and Managment
  • 2004: Susan Cass, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
  • 2002: Barbara Alonso, Plant and Microbial Biology

UC Berkeley Distinguished Service Awards

  • Dorian Bikle
  • Ethel Nakamura

Selected Faculty Awards and Distinctions

  • 2 Wolf Prizes
  • 3 MacArthur Prizes
  • 12 National Academy of Science Members
  • 23 American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows
  • 8 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Members
  • 17 Fulbright Fellows
  • 12 Guggenheim Fellows
  • 2 World Food Prizes
  • 2 California Academy of Arts & Sciences Members
  • 6 UC Distinguished Teaching Awards
  • 1 Greenwall Faculty Scholar