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Careers for CNR Graduates

Interested in Med School?

Alex Lau, Nutritional Sciences '08, is in med school at USC. Read about his experiences in the CNR Alumni Blog:

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Pre-Professional Pathways at CNR

There are many routes to a professional career - CNR's majors prepare you for

  • business
  • medical school
  • graduate school
  • dietetics
  • forestry

and many more - check out Pre-Professional Programs for more information.

Sample Careers for CNR Graduates

CNR graduates have gone on to pursue exciting careers in a wide variety of areas.

Check out the Career Center's What Can I do with a Major in....? to find out more about where CNR grads are now.

CNR and Campus Resources

Commencement is a fantastic celebration of achievement at CNR

The Student Resource Center

The Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) Program

The Career Center