College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Alumni Association Board Emeriti

Devon Zagory, Former Associate Vice President

B.S. Agricultural Science '74, MS Plant Pathology '78, Ph.D. Plant Pathology '80

Over the years Devon has worked in many aspects of fruit and vegetable production and handling. He has worked with growers, packers, coolers, shippers, distributors, food service chains and supermarkets helping them ensure the quality and safety of the products they handle. Lately he has been very active in food borne illness prevention working with both organic and conventional producers and handlers. He owned one of the largest international food safety auditing companies, Davis Fresh Technologies, until he sold it in 2006. In the past few years he has completed projects in Ghana, Morocco, Sumatra, Java, Spain and various parts of Latin America and the USA. He has created a career by spotting a few of the many opportunities in the food industry and by using some of the diverse tools he acquired during his education at UC Berkeley. He wishes that he had taken a few business courses but is actually glad that he took a lot of statistics courses.

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