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Purchasing & Reimbursement at CNR

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Our Unit Purchasing and Reimbursements

All Purchasing and Reimbursement forms are now done online using OUR UNIT CNR intranet system

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ARE, ESPM, NST, ERG and Centers go to:

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Job Aids

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Purchasing Job Aids

Reimbursement Job Aids

  • CNR Purchasing, Reimbursement and Receiving Assigments

  • Contact Info for Purchasing and Reimbursements

    54 Mulford Hall # 3100

    Robin Baca, Reimbursements, Purchasing & Receiving Supervisor

    Lywanda Dyer, Purchasing Analyst

    Leaf Grenoble, Purchasing Analyst

    Nicole Groen, Purchasing Analyst

    Jessie Sanchez, Purchasing Analyst