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The S.J. Hall Lecture in Industrial Forestry

Lecture Archive

  • 2012; Heinrich Spiecker - Multipurpose Forestry: An Option for the Future?
  • 2011; Mark Emmerson - Sierra Pacific Industries: History, New Technologies, & Emerging Markets
  • 2010; Neal Ewald - Declaring Peace in Timber country: Sustainable Forests in a Perpetual Business
  • 2009; Mike Jani - Facing Change in the Redwoods
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  • 2008; David L. Godwin - The Future of Biofuels: A Business Perspective
  • 2007; Dr. Ian de la Roche, President and CEO of FPInnovations, Canada - Forest Products: Part of a sustainable future
  • 2006; William Berry - Understanding 40 Years of Change in Private Forestry and Timberland Ownership
  • 2005; John Helms, Professor, and President, Society of American Foresters - Forestry and Foresters: Changes and Challenges
  • 2004; Paul Harlan - Making Sustainable Forestry Work: Trees, Land, People and Business
  • 2003; Dr. Kate Sullivan - The science, monitoring and adaptive management of forest practices: implications for sustainable management of forests and forest resources
  • 2002; Susan J. Frankel - Sudden oak death: issues and implications for management, policy and society
  • 2001; Roger Sedjo - Changing Demands on the World's Forests: Meeting Environmental and Institutional Challenges
  • 2000; Mark Rey - Collaborative Stewardship:A New Environmental Ethic for the West
  • 1999; Patrick Moore - Getting it Right: Environmentalism for the 21st Century
  • 1996; Joseph Buongiorno - Uneven-Aged Forest Management in Europe and North America: New Methods for Old Concepts
  • 1995; William McKillop - Industrial Forestry and Environmental Quality
  • 1994; Homer T. "Bud" McCrary - Finding the Ecological - Economic Edge; Making it Work in forest Business (How did Big Creek Lumber Develop an Environmental Ethic The Has Survived Half a Century)
  • 1992; Henry Alden - Watersheds, Landscapes, Biodiversity, Fire & Forest Management
  • 1991; Dan Tomascheski - Striking a Balance: A Perspective on Managing Our Forest Resource
  • 1990; John L. Walker - Simpson: A Century of Growth and Future Prospects
  • Oct 1989; John A. Zivnuska - A 75-Year Perspective on Investment in Forestry
  • Feb 1989; John Campbell, O.B.E. - European Forestry: A Global Perspective
  • 1987; William N. Dennison - Power Brokers: Is the Network Closed?
  • 1986; Harold R. Walt - Of Forestry, Tree Spikers, and the Dinosaur
  • 1985; John B. Crowell, Jr. - Deficits, Compound Interest and the Forest Service
  • 1984; William A. Atkinson - Changing Forestry: Transitions to the Twenty-first Century
  • 1983; Stephen L. DeMaria - The Legislative and Regulatory Environment for Forestry Enterprises in California
  • 1982; Henry K. Trobitz - Politics, Policies, Regulation and Forestry in the Redwoods: Three Decades of Recollection
  • 1981; Hardin R. Glascock, Jr. - Is the Family Forest Feasible?
  • 1980; George A. Craig - Federal Timber Policies and Private Timber Prospects
  • 1979; Stanley W. Hulett - Trees arefor People-The New Dimension of Industrial Forestry
  • 1978; William K. Condrell - The Impact of Federal Tax Policy on Private Forest Management
  • 1977; Leonard B. Netzorg - You, Gifford Pinchot and the Ladies of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • 1976; Arthur W. Nelson, Jr. - The South's Third Forest: Implications for the Future
  • 1975; John Muench, Jr. - Taking the Pins Out of Forest Policy
  • 1974; Bruce Zobel - Increasing Productivity for Forest Lands-Better Trees
  • 1973; W.H. Hagenstein - Crowing 40,000 Homes a Year I
  • 1972; Casey E. Westell - The Role of a Professional Ecologist in a Major Corporation (no publication)
  • 1971;John G. Miles - The Consultant-Everyrman's Forester
  • 1970;William H. Holmes - The Small Timber Company - An Endangered Series
  • 1969; H.E. Morgan, Jr.- The Environment of High-Yield Forestry I

2011 Lecture

Mark Emmerson

Mark Emmerson- Sierra Pacific Industries: History, New Technologies, & Emerging Markets


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