Please register your intent to participate in the Spring 2019 commencement by providing the information requested below. Registration will begin on March 15th, 2019. The deadline to register is April 12, 2019.


  • If you do not receive a confirmation email upon submitting this form, you are NOT registered for commencement. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please go back to the form and ensure you have answered every question before submitting it.
  • Your name will be printed in the commencement program EXACTLY as you enter it here.
  • If you've registered and need to make a revision to your submission, revisions can be made by going here, clicking the "View your previous submissions." link, and then clicking the "edit" link. Be sure to click "submit" again after making your edits! Revisions will be accepted through April 12, 2019.

Remember: Participating in commencement does not mean that you have graduated. Graduation is the process by which you receive a degree at Berkeley after completing all college, major and University requirements. Students must add themselves to the appropriate degree list. If you are unsure about your current status or how to add yourself to the degree list, contact your major advisor.

1 Start 2 CNR Degree 3 CNR Major 4 Undergrad Survey Pg 1 5 Pg 2 6 Pg 3 7 Pg 4 8 Pg 5 9 Complete
Your full name will appear in the program exactly as written. Please be mindful of spelling and capitalization.
Phonetic spelling is the representation of vocal sounds which express pronunciations of words. It is a system of spelling in which each letter represents invariably the same spoken sound. For example, "Raul Gonzalez" would be "rah-OOL gon-SAH-les"
Each attendee (including infants and children) must have a ticket to be admitted to the commencement ceremony. Graduates do not need tickets. Students who register online before the April 12 deadline can get up to two free tickets. Additional tickets are $5 each and may be purchased through Cal Performances starting April 24.
Please provide a non-UC Berkeley email address so that we can contact you post-graduation.