A collage of many images and the text "50 Years and Counting"

Spring 2024 Issue

Faces on the banner

From left to right: Mandi Ujiie, ’23 Conservation and Resource Studies (CRS), harvesting kale at the Oxford Tract in 2024 (Photo: Mathew Burciaga). Lisa Pagan, ’92 CRS, proudly shows off the College t-shirt she won during welcome week in 1991 (Photo: Patricia Remencuis). Usha Lingappa and Rory Craig, researchers in PMB professor Sabeeha Merchant’s lab (Photo: Anastasiia Sapon). John Battles and then undergrad Rishiraj Das, ’99 Resource Management, at Blodgett Forest in the late ’90s. Master of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics students Yesim Goktekin, Ajay Shenoy, Caroline Thally, and Claire Larkins at the California State Capitol in 2024. Carol B. Williams Jr., who served on the UC Berkeley forestry faculty for many years. Glass frog photo by Becca Brunner; mushroom photo by Alienor Baskevitch; all others archival or stock.