Daniel Kammen“It’s kind of a quiet revolution. Nothing weird or strange has happened, electricity prices haven’t shot up or down.”

Daniel Kammen, Professor, Energy and Resources Group; Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory

On October 5, the New York Times quoted Kammen in an article about how California is leading the nation in clean electricity. Solar power arrays in the state produced more energy in 2014 than those in the rest of the country combined, and California is well on its way to meeting or surpassing its 2020 goal for renewable energy.

Lara Cushing“The findings indicate that people of color are much more likely than white Californians to be exposed to both environmental and social stressors that impact health.”

Lara Cushing, PhD Student, Energy and Resources Group

The UPI news syndicate reported on a new study, led by Cushing and published in the American Journal of Public Health, revealing that African Americans and Latinos are more exposed to environmental health risks than white populations.

Daniel Karp“Clearing surrounding vegetation is a costly, labor-intensive practice that threatens wildlife habitat. But since it doesn’t improve food safety, there’s no reason to continue it.”

Daniel Karp, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

The UPI news syndicate reported that clearing wild vegetation doesn’t lead to reductions in pathogens, as previously thought. The report was based on a paper by Karp and ESPM professor Claire Kremen, among others, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study explains that such clearing may actually affect farmland negatively—by reducing bee populations, for example, which are vital for pollinating flowering crops.